What is the reason for this season?

What is the reason for this season?

As leaves dot the ground and the weather gets cooler, have you ever considered why the seasons change?

Conventional logic might say, “Well, when the Earth is closer to the sun, duh, it is summer. And when it’s further away, we experience winter months.”

Not so quick.

Though the explanation makes sense, the reason for the seasons actually has to do with the tilt of the Earth’s axis. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere (i.e. Indianapolis), we actually experience summer when the Earth is furthest away from the sun, and winter months when it is closest.

Today in 2018 and for millions and millions of years, Earth tilts on its axis at about 23.5 degrees. Many millennia ago, the Earth did not tilt. It rotated around its axis straight until, as is liable to happen with any giant orb in the galaxy, a giant mass hit Earth. Scientists call her Theia.

Earth’s rotation around itself, rather than Earth’s rotation around the sun is the reason for our now fall season.

The more you know (or perhaps already knew.)

Here is the NASA explanation, too. 

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