VR vs. AR: What’s the difference?

VR vs. AR: What’s the difference?

What is augmented reality? What is virtual reality? Let’s take a brief look to understand two ideas that are shaping our tech world today. And they’re also both loads of fun.

Virtual reality: an imagined world made real

Virtual reality creates a new world, shutting out the real one we exist in. Usually, a person will wear a headset to experience virtual reality, also called VR. There are different VR devices that you wear to experience virtual reality. A few examples are the HTC Vive, Goggle Cardboard and Oculus Rift. Imagine being in the seat of a roller coaster or flying on the back of a mythical creature. VR is the name of this game.

Augmented reality: the real world, computerized  

Augmented reality adds digitized elements to the real world. So imagine a computerized rose in the grass as you’re walking down the street.

Snapchat, and its use of different filters on photos, is an example of augmented reality. Pokemon Go as well. Gotta catch ‘em all, right?

On that note, we’ll leave with a question. We’d love if you’d answer. What do you like more, VR or AR? Comment and we’ll be sure to answer.

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