Today is Pi Day…Happy Pi Day!

Today is Pi Day…Happy Pi Day!

Today is Pi Day. March 14th. 3/14. It is a celebration of the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, a day for all math geeks the world over.

In celebration of this spectacular day, we’d like to highlight some of the great things about this infinitely irrational number. What is an irrational number, you say? It is a number that can’t be expressed as a fraction.

The number itself continues for eternity. 3.1415926535….Really, we could continue, but it would never end and take up the space of this page and millions more.
Let’s take a look at some of the places where pi shows up:

  • Anywhere a circle exists—the pupil of our eyes, pond circles, DNA double helix
  • Physics: sound and light ripples
  • The meandering shape of a river, which includes both circular and straight paths
  • Encoded in size and space of animal patterns (i.e. stripes on a zebra, spots on a leopard)

These are just few places in nature where pi can be seen naturally. It’s really a fascinating number. It has a similar appeal to fractals, something that points to a chaos organized beyond the understanding of humankind.
For more information in pi, check out our sources here and here, which provide even more great information about the mystical math of the number.

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