STEMNASIUM and PLA Scholars Invited to WISH-TV, Demonstrated Tech

STEMNASIUM and PLA Scholars Invited to WISH-TV, Demonstrated Tech

Last week, scholars from both STEMNASIUM and Phalen Leadership Academies were featured on Indy Style on WISH-TV, an affiliate of the CW Network.

We’d like to take a moment to congratulate the four students who were selected: Samiah Turner, Jerrion Rose, Jayce Gates-Hughley and Giahna Thurman.

They share four different creations and were joined by school founders Tariq Al-Nasir (STEMNASIUM LEARNING Academy) and Earl Martin Phalen (Phalen Leadership Academies). They displayed projects they’d been working on through the year:

  • JD: a fully functional humanoid robot that students will assemble and program to make it perform human functions such as walking, talking, sitting and dancing
  • Underwater ROV: an underwater robotic device that students created to maneuver in aquatic environments, demonstrating a lesson in electrical engineering
  • GVPLAF1 drone: an aerial apparatus that students will fly; the first drone built by students of GVPLA

We’re very proud of them! They are literally building their futures. Check out the interview here, just 5-minutes.

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