Why partner with STEMNASIUM?
1. STEMNASIUM programs produce strong and positive student outcomes.
2. STEMNASIUM delivers high-quality programs aligned with national, school and district standards and goals.
3. STEMNASIUM enhances school and district capacity to deliver training and professional development, manage community engagement, and evaluate impact.
4. STEMNASIUM raises philanthropic support to cover a portion of program costs.

STEMNASIUM partners with schools and school districts to expand learning time and boost student achievement. STEMNASIUM regular day, summer and afterschool programs boost student achievement, strengthen their social skills and self-esteem, and help them do better in school. STEMNASIUM works with principals and district leaders to tailor expanded learning programs that address the needs of their students and schools.

STEMNASIUM manages program implementation, hires and trains teachers and other program staff, organizes field trips and other program activities, evaluates performance, and raises private funding to pay a portion of program costs. School and district partners define criteria for student participation, provide access to classrooms, auditoriums, and other school facilities, provide meals and snacks, and contribute public funding.

Superintendents typically define a turnaround strategy. For example: using summer to prepare rising 2nd and 9th graders who are behind grade level providing after school academic programs to increase learning time in underperforming schools focusing on grades where large numbers of students are underperforming on state level tests. Once the strategy is defined, principals are invited to adopt the STEMNASIUM LEARNING Academy model and select the specific students who would benefit most.

Once students are identified for participation in STEMNASIUM LEARNING Academy program, we work with principals and teachers to design a scholar recruitment process. In some cases, schools and school districts lead parent outreach activities. In others, STEMNASIUM leads parent outreach. STEMNASIUM manages enrollment data and tracks and reports on scholar attendance and performance.

STEMNASIUM collaborates with school and district partners to hire high-performing instructors and/or certified teachers to lead STEM based instruction. STEMNASIUM also recruits and hires paraprofessionals, college students, specialty instructors, and other community members to fill additional roles in its program models. STEMNASIUM provides training, professional development, curriculum, and supplies.

STEMNASIUM utilizes computer adaptive assessments, informal and formal
observations, social skills assessments, skills-based quizzes, a series of principal, teacher, parent, and scholar surveys, and a set of quality metrics such as attendance and classroom ratios to measure performance. Learn more about our measurement process.

The cost of STEMNASIUM programs varies based on the number of scholars served, program design and schedule, and local wage rates. STEMNASIUM and its partner schools and school districts share responsibility for program costs. STEMNASIUM raises philanthropic support from local and national sources while districts chip in public funding and in-kind resources.

Some of the public sources of funding that can be used to expand learning time with STEMNASIUM LEARNING Academy include Title I and 21st Century Community Learning Centers. The Wallace Foundation recently published research that further details sources of public funding being used to support summer and afterschool learning programs that support the academic achievements, health, and safety of our nation’s young people.