From AI to Forensics: A Glossary of Terms 101

From AI to Forensics: A Glossary of Terms 101

We cover a lot of different topics at STEMNASIUM LEARNING Academy. So in this post, we wanted to give a quick rundown of some of the terms that our students have learned since being here. It will be a glossary of STEM terms. Are you ready? Here goes.

AI: short for “artificial intelligence,” AI is human intelligence simulated in a machine; self-driving cars and Alexa are examples of AI

Robotics: industry that relates to the engineering, manufacturing and design of robots

Cipher: secret code, usually using an algorithm

Forensics: the application of scientific methods to crime

IoT: the idea that an everyday object can be Internet-enabled

Cryptocurrency: a virtual currency that acts as a form of monetary exchange (i.e. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum)

Drones: a flying robot that can be controlled autonomously

Digital media arts: art by way of a digital medium

These are just a few of the terms we have as part of our curriculum to teach students in preparation for a working world that will require STEM skills. Are there any terms we should add to the list?

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