5 Must-See STEM TV Shows for Kids

5 Must-See STEM TV Shows for Kids

Chances are in your downtime, you or your kids are watching television.

And if so, we have a few great shows for you that will allow your scholars the time to sit back, relax, and have a little fun while looking at kids their age who also enjoy the things they do.


Here are 5 shows for STEM kids like the ones at STEMNASIUM LEARNING Academy:   

  • Blaze and the Monster Machines: Join the monster machine truck Blaze and friends as they solve STEM problems. The Nick Jr. series also focuses around camraderie and teamwork.
  • Annedroids: Kid genius Anne invents an android in her dad’s junkyard to help her with science experiments. This series is great for all kids, and switches the script with a girl in the lead for a STEM-related show, a powerful image for girls interested in STEM subjects and for everyone to see.
  • Odd Squad: This series revolves around two young agents, Olive and Otto, as they use math to solve problems in their town. Some of the strange happenings include disappearing zeroes and reindeer, and escaped book characters.
  • SciGirls: SciGirls showcases tween girls using STEM in various scenarios in their everyday lives. Each episode, they explore questions they have and encourage kids to find answers through experimentation and discovery.
  • Backyard Science: This Australian show showcases children doing science experiments at home and other accessible places. You don’t need a lab, and this show is for kids, by kids.

Do you have any other shows to add to this list?

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