5 Go-To Tips for Choosing a School for Your Child

5 Go-To Tips for Choosing a School for Your Child

I wanted to take a moment to look at something that plagues many parents, which is finding the right school for their child or children. As Founder and CEO of STEMNASIUM LEARNING Academy, we are working to create an environment that uses STEM to impact the life trajectory of our students while treating them as more than just young people who should learn because we said so.

No, we nurture the whole student because learning should be holistic. We believe that this is how they will connect to a topic that has the potential to greatly impact their lives for the better.

So when looking for a school for your child, there’s more than the textbook story, so to speak. We must read between the lines.

As we continue through summer, I want to share a few things that have crossed my mind. Here are five things to keep in mind the next time you’re searching for a school for your children to attend.

1.  Gather information. Request booklets and stat sheets. Join the email list. Follow their social media pages. Visit their website. Just like you research a home, or check out, hopefully, more than one car before making a purchase, research each school you are interested in for your child to learn which schools to weed out, and which ones to keep on the list.

2.  Visit. Go for a test drive, and put your research into action. Check out the facilities, the students, how faculty and staff interact with students, the neighborhood and anything else that you can on site.

3.  Avoid assumptions. One assumption is that private schools are better than public schools, and maybe because of the belief that the more we pay, the better quality something will be. Sometimes this is true, and sometimes and I’m sure you know, it strangely isn’t. Our school for example took a bit of alchemy to transform a low-performing school into a STEM-focused institution.

We’ve had the youngest app developer featured on major news outlets, and also a published author, who at eight years old, has published a book about her life as an engineer on Amazon. So assumptions accomplish nothing, and can lead to missed opportunity as well.

4.  Have a backup plan. It’s easier to place all of your eggs in one basket. Who has the energy to find a second one and split the spoils? However, it is necessary as a form of insurance in case things don’t go as planned. We obviously want everything to go as planned, and operate as if it will. But in case it doesn’t, having another school in mind as a second option keeps one hand in your pocket, and the other one holding another application, just in case.

5.  Ask questions. Simple enough, right? Be like the kid that doesn’t mind risking looking silly with a question, because really, she or he just wants to know. Take notes on your phone or on a notepad, but ask if you have a question because your child could be at a loss otherwise.

On that note, I hope these tips will be helpful, something to keep for finding the right school for your child. 

STEMcerely yours,

Tariq Al-Nasir 

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