4 Apps To Make Studying Easier

4 Apps To Make Studying Easier

Have you thought about the different apps that exist to make studying easier? These four apps can help you (if you’re a student) or your child (if you’re a parent) to organize your schedule or ideas to get the most out of the time you put into studying.


1. iStudiez Pro: This study tool with lots of capabilities. It includes a planner to organize assignments, records grades and gives notifications for when assignments are due. It also shows assignments segmented by day or week so that you can always stay on top of what’s happening in your school life.

2. Chegg Flashcard App: This app is good for students who have a lot of ideas to memorize and want to work on this in a simple way, try this flashcard app. Some flashcards have already been created by students, so check first to see if there’s a way to do less work.

3. SimpleMind: This is a tool that lets you explore thoughts, and mind map. The benefit is that through this app, you can see a visual of all of your thoughts. So organize your thoughts through mind-mapping to find your best ideas.

4. My Study Life: Available on iOS and Android, My Study Life lets students store homework information, as well as notes about tests and classes. The app connects to the cloud, allowing a student to access this information offline. You can also record in the app when you have assignments due. This app notifies you of upcoming due dates, and tests.

These are just four tools. So many more exist. But these four give a solid start. For more, check online, through iTunes or your phone’s app store.

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