The_Basics of Codin[g]

The_Basics of Codin[g]

Learning to code is popular right now. It’s something that with an increase for the need for the skill in different jobs, a number of schools like STEMNASIUM are pushing to prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow.

So in this post, we’ll share some basics about coding to give a simple overview for an important skill.

Coding, first off, is used to make apps, software and websites. Facebook was created and is updated using code, the same with Snapchat and any app, really.

Like natural languages—English, Spanish, French, the list goes on—coding uses languages as well to communicate an idea. However instead of communicating to a human, it transmits the idea to a computer.

Computer programs such as Windows uses many lines of code. And just because code is written, like any form of writing, that doesn’t mean that it’s correct. So coding has to be tested to make sure it is correct, and edited as needed.

Can you name a coding language? If not, here is a list of ten.

1. JavaScript
2. Python
3. Ruby On Rails
5. Java
6. C Language
7. C++
8. C#
9. Objective C
10. PHP

Also, if you would like to acquire the skill, many places provide coding lessons such as full-time and part-time coding bootcamps. Codecademy is an online program that provides free coding lessons.

At STEMNASIUM LEARNING Academy, we focus many lessons on JavaScript, a basis from which many software programs, apps, video games and websites are created.

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