School’s Out For Summer! 4 Ways to Keep Learning

School’s Out For Summer! 4 Ways to Keep Learning

 At STEMNASIUM LEARNING Academy, one of our goals is to encourage our students learning isn’t just an action–it’s a lifestyle. So learning should just end in June when our students leave the classrooms behind for the summer. We should continue to learn to become stronger in our skills and as people.

Here are a few ways to continue the learning process as you enjoy the sights, sounds, and sun of summer:

1. Reading: Tons of books exist for every topic. Expand your mind to possibility through science fiction or biographies of STEM “grown-ups” that you like. But the subjects can travel outside the realm of science, tech, engineering and math.

  • Fiction and non-fiction.
  • Books on photography or fashion.
  • History or literature.

The more places and topics they can explore, the more students can bring to the table with an imagination that can help to create new ideas and way of looking at problems.

2. Podcasts: We’ve just stumbled on a new podcast called Code Newbie that has great interviews with people who are new to coding. Yet all you have to do is run a Google search for podcasts in a particular topic. We’ll do a follow-up blog post about a few good STEM and non-STEM related podcasts.

3. STEM Camp: Nerds and blerds are what we are. We don’t deny it. Let’s embrace the nerd-dom with camps for “us.” We rule the world anyway :). So why not try a science camp or coding bootcamp geared for children in K-12. Victory is ours!


4. Television Shows and Movies: Do you want to watch a documentary about the recent development of CRISPR–quite fascinating really. Or one of the shows we recently recommended with kids in STEM? Or a film about a topic of interest.     


As we take a break, we should not allow our minds to also be inert. We should use this time to develop our love of self-learning and cultivating a natural curiosity about the world around us.

On that note, we’re out. School’s out for summer! Now take these ideas and run with them!

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